Security Tokens Infrastructure

Security tokens are being dubbed “the next big thing” since the inception of blockchain, meeting SEC’s and other regulators’ requirements, and have been making some noise since early 2017. We have completed our analysis of the current state of the security token space and are happy to present our findings all packed within an interactive scheme, showcasing the major players and offering a corresponding timeline and activity-status filters.

With security tokens gradually evolving throughout 2018, two major fields of activity are constituents of issuance platforms minting new security tokens and, equally important, security token exchanges working to establish a good level of liquidity. However, based on the nature of security tokens, we can also observe providers of compliance services (KYC/AML) looking for new business opportunities and offering specially designed STO services. Interestingly enough, a number of companies are working on the borderline of tokenization, compliance, and secondary market trading, offering all the aforementioned services at once.

There is a steady level of interest both from traditional global exchanges (e.g., NYSE) and from utility token exchanges (e.g., Binance), with the first batch looking for blockchain expertise and the second ones hunting broker-dealer and ATS (alternative trading system) licenses. Nevertheless, the number of currently operating security token exchanges and other liquidity providers is highly limited.

Stay tuned to learn more from our upcoming robust security token analysis.

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